Harvey Nichols – The perfect venue for Empower for Change

Posted in Altus Events, Private Equity on 11 February 2020

At Altus Partners, we are all looking forward to our upcoming event, Empower for Change – Each for Equal. Taking place on 11th March, only a few days after International Women’s Day, it will be an exciting opportunity to start the conversation about diversity and inclusion within the private equity sector. You can find out more about it in our article, from the motivations behind it to what tools you can expect to walk away with.

In the meantime, we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk about the beautiful venue where Empower for Change will take place: none other than the iconic Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge.

Empower for Change at Canvas – Harvey Nichols 

Located in the heart of London, the Knightsbridge store is a remarkable example of French-style architecture, and it is the very first branch that, in 1832, started what would have later become the exclusive Harvey Nichols empire. This famous department store chain is now a true staple of British luxury retail with several national and international stores, and it is renowned worldwide for their fashion, beauty, premium food and wine products, as well as for their award-winning restaurants.

Why Harvey Nichols

Empower for Change will take place in Canvas, the elegant venue located on their sought-after fifth floor.  When looking for a location for this event, we thought of nothing other than Harvey Nichols. First of all, their venue for hire is spacious and incredibly elegant: with a 200 standing capacity and 80 when seated, Canvas is ideal to organise large events and meetings. We are also excited to host it in such an iconic building brimming with history.

However, the main reason behind our choice regards what this venue represents: Harvey Nichols has an inspiring management board consisting of resourceful women coming from different backgrounds. Since the first event of the Empower for Change series is focused on gender diversity and how to attract and retain a diverse workforce that affords the same level of opportunity for both women and men to succeed. Harvey Nichols demonstrates what a truly diverse workforce can achieve by being inclusive. 

The members of this all-female board have all been part of the business for many years: whilst they have grown and risen with the company with promotion after promotion, they also helped shape Harvey Nichols into the prestigious, exclusive chain that it is today. 

Manju Malhotra, their inspiring Chief Operating Officer, has recently been shortlisted for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards in the Business category, is an active Ambassador for the Women for the Future Network, and has been recognised as one of London’s most influential people by The Evening Standard. Manju and her team have also managed to successfully redefine the company’s business strategy and direct its focus towards important issues such as sustainability and charity contributions. They are living proof of the importance of retaining minorities and a diverse workforce, encouraging them to develop their full potential: ultimately, that’s the message that we want to deliver with our event. We are excited to be partnering with such a renowned company and cannot wait to welcome you all on their stylish fifth floor for Empower for Change. We will share actionable tips on how to change the current situation in private equity in order to attract and, most importantly, retain a diverse workforce. We hope you are as excited as we are to be part of the change!

If you would like more information about hosting your next event at Harvey Nichols please contact jemma.swift@harveynichols.com or emily.osborn@harveynichols.com.

To find out more about Empower for Change and to reserve your place please contact us at amy.robson@altus-partners.com or call us on 0203 854 2681.

Picture credit: Harvey Nichols