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Bold new beginnings

Posted in Asset Management, Career Development, Hedge Funds, Investment Banking, Portfolio, Private Equity on 23 January 2017

2017 brings us not only a new year, but also a new US administration and a new Europe, amongst a broader world of change.  In London, we are already seeing the knock-on impact and uncertainty associated with that word we have all come to loathe, ‘Brexit’, with many questioning whether the City will still retain […]

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The blurred picture of fund management – how its public portrayal can affect your job search

Posted in Asset Management, Hedge Funds on 25 July 2016

In my line of work, as an Executive Search Consultant for the Hedge Fund and Asset Management sectors, I am acutely aware of the rather unusual paradox in which, by very nature of not being on the ‘front line’ ourselves, we can never know quite as much as about the intricacies of the roles for […]

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How can you make a move into Private Equity?

Posted in Career Development, Private Equity on 17 June 2016

Making a move into Private Equity is by no means easy. It is a highly competitive landscape with many variables on a fund-by-fund basis, so be prepared to encounter more rejection than acceptance. In 2015, there was a decrease in the number of Private Equity deals completed (although the total value rose) which reflected a […]

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Investment Banking Bulge Brackets vs. Boutiques – Which are better for you?

Posted in Investment Banking on 27 April 2016

Over the past decade, boutique investment banks have taken an ever-increasing share of the market from their larger cousins. This greater prominence and higher deal-flow has compelled them to find a more competitive approach to hiring: in some cases with grass-roots hires straight from universities, but more often than not by enticing analysts from the […]

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An evening at No.10 Downing Street

Posted in Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Investment Banking, Private Equity on 21 April 2016

Due to the continued support of our amazing charity partner, Tomorrow’s People, Altus Partners and some of our clients were guests of Samantha Cameron at No.10 Downing Street.   It was a unique opportunity to see behind the famous door of an address that has played host to so many historic events, and caught the […]


Altus Partners Real Estate Promotion

Posted in Career Development on 14 April 2016

Altus Partners is pleased to announce the promotion of Robert Cameron, who moves from Executive to Associate. Robert has been with the firm for over a year, and in this time he has made significant contributions to the business with his focus on the Real Estate investment sector. In the last year, he has firmly […]